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UncategorizedMaster Bathroom & Laundry Renovation

Master Bathroom & Laundry Renovation

For this master bathroom and laundry renovation duo I had three obstacles to overcome:
1. Confined Space Limit
2. Fix Ventilation
3. Make The Spaces Trendy

I was tasked to design a functional master bathroom and laundry room while staying in the already existing spaces! Normally, I would suggest taking away a little space from a surrounding room to gain more space, but the laundry room and bathroom were side by side sharing the only wall that could have moved. I was certain that we could maximize the spaces with different layouts.

During my initial walk through of this clients home, I noticed that bathroom windows were collecting moisture. This isn’t an old home, but it also isn’t a new build so I knew that there was an issue with the bathrooms ventilation. We fixed the moisture retention by installing a stronger fan and positioning the vents to lead outside instead of to the attic, where the vents were initially located! Ventilation replacement is usually out of my scope of work, but if my talented team has the knowledge and skills to fix the problem then we cannot move onto another project until the client is fully taken care of!

To keep the spaces trendy, we incorporated more tactile and natural materials with wooden vanities that have custom decorative legs along with open shelves with hooks. You’ll see these wooden vanities featuring natural finishes that show off the grain of the wood and produce a calming aesthetic throughout the bathroom while the open shelves and ample counter top space provide an efficient and bright location that will make them love doing their laundry!

If you or someone you know are planning a home project, let us help you make it a seamless process!

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